I recently visited with Micayla Cole, the new executive director of The ARC of the River Valley. The ARC of the River Valley is such a great resource for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The ARTS with Grace will be publicizing on our facebook page the events of the ARC that are open to the community.  (Note – There are other events opportunities available to members of the ARC.)  Even though the ARTS with Grace and the ARC of the River Valley have similar goals for the community, there are a few differences. One of the differences of the ARTS with Grace is our events are generally in the late afternoon or early evening and weekends. Whereas, the ARC events are generally weekday events. A second difference is the ARTS with Grace does not have a physical location but rather uses community events as our locations. And finally, the third difference is that the ARTS with Grace focuses on social groups of about 5-7 with the hopes of building relationships which are so important for quality of life satisfaction.  The ARC of the River Valley is able to pull together large group events for 100’s of people to enjoy together.  So even though the ARTS with Grace and the ARC of River Valley are reaching out to the some of the same people, the opportunities are different and at different times. So I’m delighted that we will be able to publicize the events from the ARC of the River Valley that are open to the community and the ARC will also be letting their members know about the events offered by the ARTS with Grace.

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