Adults with special needs many times have limited opportunities to participate in activities because of lack of financial resources or lack of opportunities. The ARTS with Grace wants to be a resource for adults with challenges to meet and engage with others. The goal is not to have big events but to have social groups of 5-7 people which allows for friendships. Right now we have 1 social group enjoying ART experiences. But we want to grow the number of groups. And that can be done by other engaging in the ARTS. We need event leaders that can schedule events for a social group. Anyone can be an event leader and event leaders can match the event to a person’s interest. One family that is getting involved has a guy who loves Star Wars. So we might have some Star Wars events coming up. That is just an example of how the ARTS and social groups can be built around a person’s interest. Bring your ideas. Use the ARTS with Grace to make connections for friendship and opportunities to engage in the community. We can build friendships, connections, and opportunities one person and one idea at a time. Join with us. It’ll be fun.

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